How do you get on your track and what is it about? What gets you off track? Learn how your intuition, body and energy system work and communicate, in order for you to clearly see, know, feel and experience which steps and decisions are the right ones.

You and me

Discover together with me the essence of your (soul) path and natural talents, why you’re not taking a certain step, experience unease and more. Connect with your intuition to open your eyes, balance your energy system and follow your soul trail.


The various sessions or training sessions in a group help you to find your grounded and calm center. The place where you can relax, experience clarity and reclaim your energy. In a group this process feels even stronger as you lift each other up.


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3 October 2017
Written by: Saskia Baardman / Comments: 0
“If I can’t do it, you can too” says Sara Kroos, a Dutch female comedian. Many people benefit from beliefs about what we can’t do. That’s how professions pop up, because if groups of people believe they can’t put a table together, you simply need a carpenter. Even if you...


“It is amazing what Saskia did for me today on paper…. I was a bit affected in a positive way, because it felt so right!”
– Caroline
“Coincidentally I was just listening to “Unchain my heart” and your text came in very deeply. Thank you for your beautiful, striking message, I am very grateful that I received this today.”
– Yolanda Yalcin
“Was really perplexed … Everything was right!” – Liliane