How do you get on your track and what is it about? What gets you off track? Learn how your intuition, body and energy system work and communicate, in order for you to clearly see, know, feel and experience which steps and decisions are the right ones.

You and me

Discover together with me the essence of your (soul) path and natural talents, why you’re not taking a certain step, experience unease and more. Connect with your intuition to open your eyes, balance your energy system and follow your soul trail.

Soul Circles

In a Soul Circle I will hold and clear the space, and create the right energetic space in alignment with a theme. By getting together, online or offline, you will lift up the energy that supports you in your growth and in the process of letting go. I facilitate several Soul Circles.


Discover the Specials of The I Opener that support you in connecting with the wisdom of your intuition, body, soul and energy system. And integrate the insights and shifts in your life.


3 October 2017
Written by: Saskia Baardman / Comments: 0
“If I can’t do it, you can too” says Sara Kroos, a Dutch female comedian. Many people benefit from beliefs about what we can’t do. That’s how professions pop up, because if groups of people believe they can’t put a table together, you simply need a carpenter. Even if you...


“Het is onwaarschijnlijk wat Saskia vandaag voor me op papier (mail) getoverd heeft…. Ben er een beetje van aangedaan in positieve zin, omdat het zo klopte!”
– Caroline
“Toevallig had ik net ‘Unchain my heart’ en je tekst kwam heel diep binnen. Dank je wel voor je mooie, rake bericht, ik ben heel dankbaar dat dit vandaag op mijn pad kwam.”
– Yolanda Yalcin
“Stond echt perplex… Klopte allemaal!” – Liliane