About Saskia


Saskia Baardman

Down to earth, sense of humour and sensitive

As an intuition and energy coach and trainer I have good matches with:

1) Down-to-earth, open-minded, inquiring people around 30 years or older. Mentally strong. If you are one of them, maybe you sense that your head is running overtime and fatigue literally pops up more often.

Ready for a new different approach? Experiencing, sensing, less talking, transforming stuck energy. Needing for a clear vision, simplicity and wanting to tackle energy killers. Pretty challenging, because being ‘in control’ feels safe and natural in a way. Some beliefs seem to offer solid ground. However, your desire for inner peace and stability, and getting back on your natural track, is growing.

Sometimes aware that your intuition whispers in your ear, but okay, nobody needs to know.

2) High-sensitive or sensitive persons, who have faced some stuff on their spiritual path or personal development process. Need to energetically explore a question or you need intuitive tools to release energy, emotions, stories from others. And to align yourself, so to ground and connect with your higher self.
Eg. more clarity about a theme; search for space, feeling grounded, focus and / or relaxation. Or guidance in a challenging process, such as divorce, lawsuit, job loss or loved one.

I just want to have a deeper understanding of life, from the perspective of energy work. Explore from all sides in an inviting, inquiring, curious way, so I can get to the core.

People are good at setting up smokescreens to keep a certain idea of ​​themselves or situation intact; I find that dynamic fascinating. Not in the past, because I didn’t get it, I got confused. Because of the difference in behavior, words and the energy behind it.

I struggled with questions like ‘What is true? And how do I relate to this?’ I switched between resistance and adaptation, at the expense of my health, boundaries and self-esteem.

Since quite some years I know what I can trust: my clear knowledge and intuition, my bullshit detector. Energy does not lie and shows a bigger picture. Which means that I can see through the smokescreens what it’s really about and make that clear. That’s where the natural track and shift starts.

Humor, creativity and playing with language colour my life. It helps me and others to look from different perspectives, communicate more lightly and find a joyful spark in everything, also in the toughest lessons.

The Human Design system also fits in with this, your unique blueprint. An intriguing layered system, a combination of scientific and esoteric knowledge, that goes against many prevailing norms. It has helped me and many others not to pursue anything that you are not made for.

Do you also want to know how it works for you? So you can follow your natural trail.

Feel free to contact us.

I work as an intuition coach and trainer, reader and (sound) healer within The I Opener. I previously worked as an intuitive development teacher at Intuitieve Opleidingen in Utrecht. In addition to The I Opener, I work as a freelance copywriter and writing coach.

Be welcome.