Discover which training, session or workshop helps you to get on track


Sound Healing

Get into a deep relaxation by a variety of acoustic sounds from singing bowls, gong and more. These sounds clear your mind and energy, and brings in motion what is stuck. A special and relaxing start of your weekend! In Utrecht and Nieuwegein.


Online training Intuition, Energy & Focus

Learn the in-depth essentials of how to connect with your intuition, reclaim your energy and vision, so you can have a relaxed intuitive focus on what you want to do or create. You will get some practical tools you can use in daily life, for study time and at work. The training takes place in 4 live online sessions.

Online training Chakra Power Foundation

Discover your Chakra Power in this 7-weekly live online foundation training. You can join after Energy & Focus. Heal, clear and align yourself and your chakras and increase your intuitive clarity to follow your own authority.