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Self-care with your Chakra Power

Chakras are powerful spinning energy bundles in your energy body. The energy flowing there is about your hormonal balance, blood circulation, organs, talents, traits, your sense of well-being and your unique potential.

They do not operate alone, but are connected to each other, communicate with each other and are connected to the rest of your energy system, intuitive knowing, body and soul. They support you in being you, in your life on earth in alignment with your soul and the universe.

During the online training you will discover what the 7 main chakras are about, a first exploration of their true power and sensitiveness, and clear or heal what’s bringing them off balance. Each session will cover one of the main 7 chakras. During this journey you will also further clear your connection with your intuition.

So why participate?

  • You know how to ground yourself, run earth and cosmic energy, take care of your aura and blow pictures. You are ready to take the next step!
  • You are aware we are globally going through a major shift where it’s crucial you follow your own authority, intuition and wisdom. You are looking for effective and in-depth tools to support, heal and uplift yourself in this process.
  • You did a basic intuition course already and would like to refresh or deepen your tools, knowledge and wisdom.
  • You have heard or read about the chakras and you are curious how they work for and with you.
  • You feel sometimes off balance and are looking for natural tools to get back on track.
  • You are looking for more flow in life and attracting the right situations and people.

Natural Self-care

The world and its inhabitants are finding a new balance which seems to be preceded by chaos. Change starts with self-care. Which is about knowing who you are, your potential, and healing outdated beliefs, dysfunctional patterns, and your wounds. You will uplift your own vibe and intuitive clarity, find a new inner and outer balance, align yourself. As a solid foundation to enjoy your talents, and trust your own authority. Our chakra system is such a rich ‘toolkit’ and basis for natural self-care, getting to know and being yourself.

How does the online training look like?

  • If you press the button YES! I WANT TO JOIN you can confirm your participation by doing your payment in the webshop.
  • During 7 weeks we come together live online with a small group via for the training.
  • Every session starts at 19:30h till about 21:30h (GMT +1). At the end of those 7 weeks I will have a check-in with everyone personally where you stand. Of course, you can also ask your questions in the meantime.
  • The sessions will be in English.
  • You will receive some recorded meditations, visualizations from the sessions for your personal practice only.
  • Light-hearted, in-depth and sincere. Safe, compassionate, inspiring, grounding.
  • This training is not a substitute for doctor’s treatment or psychological related therapy. Consult me in case of doubt. Drugs and alcohol during the training sessions are not allowed.
  • Prior education: Energy & Focus or a similar training elsewhere. In that case, please consult me to check with you if this training is the right fit.

Would you like to join?

Investment: 250 euro VAT included.

Training dates: Tuesday evening from 19:30 till 21:30h.
4, 11, 18, 25 February; 3, 10 and 17 March.

About Saskia

“Energy work has really made the difference in my life. I’ve become way more relaxed, grounded and less worrying about all sorts of things. It helped me to connect with my own vision, inner truth, vital spark, self-worth and clarity. It also helped me to see the bigger picture and let go of thoughts, emotions, dysfunctional patterns, and if necessary I let go of people in my life.

It offers so many essential tools to being able to be contained, aligned, clear and intuitively focused, get and stay on your track and transform limiting beliefs and ideas. Energy work can change your life. And I believe we need more clear, authentic human beings who follow their inner authority and vision, and contribute in the best heartfelt way they can without giving themselves away. I love to be of guidance in this process and hold space while the original you starts showing up.”
Saskia Baardman


“I wanted everybody else to be nicer. With the tools I learned, I got nicer instead and as a result, people around me responded kindly too.”


“Saskia was a very understanding and helpful trainer when I felt truly vulnerable. My life has changed for the better since training. It was a life changing experience I didn’t want to miss.”