Online training Energy & Focus


Online live training Energy & Focus

Reclaim yourself, your energy and focus

In contact with others your focus and energy often gets mixed up. That makes you feel tired, stressed out, in self-doubt and/or just not connected with yourself. You ignore your sensitive intuition. As a result, you get off track. Stress may take over, your focus is too much on others (expectations) or jobs to be done. One retreats further, the other lives on adrenaline or loses itself – in the other.

What to do? Learn in-depth transformational natural tools you can use in daily life and work to reclaim yourself, your energy and focus with the help of your intuition. Tools that serve you in the following situations:

  • Distinguish what is mine and what belongs to someone else.
  • Restore and reclaim my energy and focus.
  • Clear my energy when I suddenly feel sad or down for no reason.
  • Clear my head when it feels foggy, full or blurry.
  • Consciously decide whether to adjust or not, e.g. in terms of behavior, opinion and vision.
  • Experience my boundaries again when I restore my energy.
  • Reconnect with my intuitive creative flow.
  • Observe and transform my emotions and thoughts instead of letting them take over.
  • Stop pushing myself a lot to get things done and step into my own pace.
  • Start listening more to my hunches.

The original you

Through visualisations, effective meditation techniques, simple physical exercises and more I teach you how to recharge yourself every time you want, and to restore and sharpen your focus and vision. You will let go of or transform outdated beliefs and patterns and energy of others.
Your original self and true you will start revealing itself. A pretty amazing and transformational process.

How does it work?

  • During 4 weeks we come together online with a small group via for the training. Every session starts at 19:30h till 21:30h. At the end of those 4 weeks I will have a check-in with everyone personally to see how you are doing and where you stand. Of course, you can ask your questions in the meantime.
  • Light-hearted and with amusement. In-depth and sincere.
  • Safe, inspiring, grounding.
  • Compassion is one of the key values of the training. Surely, that requires practice. Specifically not by working hard, doing your best and meeting expectations. It is about your natural growth process aligned with who you are.
  • This training is not a substitute for doctor’s treatment or psychological related therapy. Consult me in case of doubt. Drugs and alcohol during the training sessions are not allowed.
  • You do not need any prior education.

Join the live online training Energy and Focus?

Planning and themes:
Each session takes 2 hours; from 19:30h till 21:30h CEST, UTC/GMT +2h.

1) Wednesday 4 March
Inner strenght and relaxation; recharge and let go.

2) Wednesday 11 March
Overview and focus; reclaiming energy; separate, let go of and/or transform energy or outdated information.

3) Wednesday 18 March
Distinct and switch between ratio and intuition; autonomy and focus.

4) Wednesday 25 March
Stress and relaxation; autonomy; creative flow.

Your contribution: € 147,- incl. VAT, live online training with practical techniques and tools, a one-to-one check-in of about 20 minutes, some recorded separate meditations for your own practice.

Any questions or do you want to participate?

Contact me directly if you have any questions via saskia@the-i-opener or call me: +31 (0)6 51160979.

About Saskia

“Energy work has really made a big difference in my life. I’ve become way more relaxed, grounded and less worrying about all sorts of things. It helped me to connect with my own vision, inner truth, vital spark and clarity. It also helped me to see the bigger picture and let go of thoughts and emotions, and if necessary I let go of people in my life.

It offers so many essential tools to be contained, aligned, clear and intuitively focused, get and stay on your track and transform limiting beliefs and ideas. Energy work can change your life. And I believe we need more clear, authentic human beings who follow their inner authority and vision, and contribute in the best heartfelt way they can.”
Saskia Baardman


“I will never forget this. Such an in-depth training in which I learned incredibly valuable tools, like staying present with whatever is going on, stay calm and in a way, unattached in situations that ‘normally’ would have freaked me out. Let go of beliefs about how I should behave in NL. More focused, grounded. And letting go of energy of others and reclaim mine, wow, that’s really good! Knowing what I tend to do in groups and how I can stay true to my vision/ideas and speak up without being offensive or feeling guilty to anyone.”
Participants of Group 1