New way of Fortune Telling at photography event ‘Unseen’

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This weekend I participated in the international photography event in Amsterdam: ‘Unseen’. Together with colleague readers we were hired as so-called ‘Photo Fortune Tellers’ within the exhibition ‘Photo Pleasure Palace’.

My eyebrows started frowning by that way of framing, as fortune telling sounds like an act to me. The artists responsible for the decoration and contents of the ‘Photo Pleasure Palace’ explained that this was a way to shake up our serious world a bit, just like the other rides. Okay, ‘rides’. I felt a stretch.

This event took place in the Westergasfabriek and in the area where we had our space and a fabulous gipsy caravan including a fortune telling crystal ball it was very very lively. Music, horn blowing, and many other sounds. Compare it with a fairground and you’ll get the picture.

In every way not how I thought I wanted to work and where I stand for. How am I going to handle this for 2 days? This is madness….

But… a shift took place, I went back to my essence, my core. If I choose to, I can see clearly in every situation, being centered and grounded. Life is a fairground and that is magnified big time in here. I’m able to see anyone’s essence, clarity, greatness right through this fairground. And surrendering to that shift inside of me helped me to not take myself so seriously, pff, get back to the playful Saskia!

These days became magical together with my colleagues. The collaboration went smooth, tuning in on what was needed every single moment. No way, we could plan any of this in advance, though we tried. The game was all about surrender, joy and play with the surprises that arose continuously.

A true victory to myself. With many special moments and connections. Me giving a Fortune Teller reading to one of the artists, Erik Kessels, responsible for the exhibition ‘Photo Pleasure Palace’, is one of them.

I didn’t know him or his work at all. Apparently, he has created many beautiful projects in the international field of communications. For many people with an ambition in this area he’s an inspiring example. He is co-founder of the creative communications agency KesselsKramer.

Anyway, someone who lives his greatness, you may say. At first, I was nervous, but then I thought ‘Do it, this is what you want, stop your mindfucks’. He was impressed and wrote in our ‘Fortune Tellers Magic Book’: “Thank you for the DEEP insights. X Erik Kessels”. A shiny gift to get the opportunity to read someone who really knows how to manifest his creative talents, beyond taboos and conventions.

This was the achievement of our whole reader’s club together where giving, awarding, receiving, sharing, holding space for each other and timing was one. I’m most grateful for this opportunity, joint breakthrough and magical energy. My heart <3 is happy! And YES, this asks for so much more.

N.B. The picture above this blog was taken by Louis van Praag. When I gave him a reading he suddenly photographed me with the full flashlight on my face (yeah, that was shaking me up ;)). He just saw an image of me ‘hanging’ on the wall of the museum Louvre as a medium, so he had to take this picture. This is the result. What can I say? Just flabbergasted… To read someone, you’ll need to learn how to see someone’s essence. That starts with daring to see your naked self. He just showed me a mirror in which I could see my own greatness. I’m still speechless.

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