Meditations & Visualizations

Meditations & Visualizations

Get connected with yourself en your intuition via guided meditations en visualizations

Here you will find a number of free meditations and visualizations on different themes. For your joy, to support your process, your healing, and maybe to feed your curiosity.

And a nice way to get to know me, my voice and way of guided meditations. At the same time, a ‘live’ meditation is in tune with the participants, the group, and can therefore feel as a completely different experience.

During trainings and workshops the different meditations and visualizations follow-up each other, so that you gradually increase your vibration or frequency, which makes you feel clearer and sharper, more intuitive in your perception. It also means that step-by-step your experiences become deeper and richer and you can transform or release your energy, so that suddenly a burden falls from your shoulders, you need other nutrition, you make new decisions etc. You will also learn certain tools that you can apply in your daily life.

With these free meditations and visualisations I wish you beautiful insights and I love to get a response from you!

MEDITATION – Trust >>>
Connect with the quality or qualities of Trust and experience for yourself in what way this supports you.

MEDITATION – In the Eye of the Storm >>>
In roaring times collect your energy, rearrange it, find your clarity and get centered.

MEDITATION – Energy boost >>>
If you experience a low level of energy and not so centered, give yourself an energy boost with this meditation.