Soul Inspiration Card

“Wow, Saskia! These words really speak to me. Beautifully with metaphors and life lessons. Thank you! I will cherish this, so happy with it. I will definitely order a card for my loved ones in the future!” – Anne
“Such a special gift I received today! Saskia nailed it on several areas … for example about painting. I have just followed a painting inspiration course for a few weeks! Real special gift, a Soul Inspiration Card, very nice to receive!” – Willemien
“My mother is going through a very sad period. That’s why I asked you to write a card for my mother. I gave her the card and it made her quiet; the message was accurate and really came in. Afterwards we had a very good talk. Hopefully this will help her a bit further. Thank you, Saskia!” – A daughter
“It is amazing what Saskia wrote for me today…. It touched my heart, because it was so right!” – Caroline
“I was really perplexed… It was so right!” – Liliane
“I received one last year and it really touched me, it came at the right moment. Sometimes I just read it again.” – Jeannette
“Thank you Saskia for your beautiful text. It is so striking and positive! Every time I read it, I am happy again and a smile appears on my face!” – Sandra
“Thank you Saskia, I thought it was really very special to read what you wrote for me and my daughters. My oldest daughter was quite surprised that you knew her so well, she wondered how you did it. This says enough about your special gift.” – Miranda
“Coincidentally, I was listening to the song “Unchain my heart” and your text came in very deeply. Thank you for your beautiful, striking message, I am very grateful that it came my way today.” – Yolanda Yalcin
“Wow, your words touch me again. So very true. This message makes me completely happy, thanks. Big hug for you, dear Saskia” – Miranda
“Moved and so impressed by the message from Saskia Baardman ♥ beautiful … beautiful beautiful grateful that it came my way today.” – Miranda

Energy Healing

“I received a special healing today. During the entire time you gave me a pleasant and safe feeling, so that I could really relax. Thank you very much, Saskia.

I was very thirsty afterwards, but the next morning suddenly a boost of energy and feeling of happiness appeared. Really great and I immediately went for a walk with my dog Robin and enjoyed the sun, other dogs and life. Loved it.” – Birgit Kruys

“I felt that my energy was not flowing properly and that week I had an exciting role to play as chairman of the day. I asked Saskia if she could help me with this. So she did and how!

Saskia looked and felt and knew intuitively what to do. She helped remove the blockages she saw with me. With an amazing result! The day on stage actually happened something very exciting; my main microphone stopped, so the chairman of the board had to open the zipper on the back of my dress to remove the transmitter!!

The fact that the energy did not go up to my head, but fell directly into the ground, meant that I could stay in my power. This made it a hilarious moment instead of a very annoying or embarrassing one. Really amazing!” – Sandra Korse

Singing bowl massage

“I already knew Saskia from her workshop Soundful Soulwriting Journey. She brings a lot of relaxation with her instruments, so that made me hungry for more. When Saskia offered the singing bowl massage, I knew I wanted that.

What did the singing bowl massage do to me? It made me very relaxed. As if you are sinking deeper into your body and the worry in your head suddenly no longer exists. The sounds found my stress points and seemed to have them resolved.

In addition to giving it a very relaxed effect that lasted for a long time, I also became aware again of how much I am racing around. And that I actually want to be so relaxed more often.

I can really recommend a singing bowl massage from Saskia. She is very good at creating a very relaxed and safe atmosphere.” – Maaike Baudoin

“Today I granted myself a singing bowl massage with Saskia Baardman. The singing bowl massage was special and so amazing. She gave it with care and tranquility. A number of bowls stood on my body, others around me. Some singing bowls were touched slightly; a buzzing sound that does something to you. Large and small bowls were used, sometimes firmly touched, then softer again.

Great to feel the sensations of vibrations and frequencies through my body. I relaxed naturally and entered a sleep / wake mode. That is wonderful. If you also want to experience a singing bowl massage then you’ve come to the right place at Saskia Baardman of The I Opener.

I can also heartily recommend her writing workshops. I attended a number of workshops at Saskia a year ago, since then I write much easier for private and business matters.

For example, I now write about moments such as this massage in a small booklet. Nice to read it again.” – Cynthia –

Sound Relaxation

“My participation in the sound relaxation was very pleasant. The effect was surprising. It felt like I had a physical full body massage. I.e. the sounds worked deep into and on the body. Highly recommended!” – Daphne
“Very nice sound relaxation at a beautiful, intimate location. I felt very relaxed during and after the session, and also the next day.” – Carlo –
“The sound relaxation is performed very meticulously by Saskia, I experience it as enlightening and relaxing. I would definitely recommend it!” – Patricia –
“A Sound relaxation from The I Opener is very nice and highly recommended.” – Marina –

Jetlag Recovery

“I travel regularly for work, also intercontinental. A jetlag seems to be ‘part of the deal’, but apparently that is not necessary. The individual Jetlag Recovery session provided clarity in my head, a relaxed feeling and it was easier to sleep through the night until a normal time in the morning. I had the feeling that I had landed literally and figuratively. Immediately after I arrived, I was able to get started with a fresh head. I will book such a session again after my next business trip.”
Henk, International Sales Manager
“After two turbulent years in different countries, I knew that I could use support when coming back to the Netherlands. Saskia’s offer for the ‘Jetlag Recovery’ combined with an Energy Reading appealed to me immediately: it was not that bad in terms of time difference between my last hometown and the Netherlands, but my feeling was that my energy and attention were still in all the places I have been in recent years.

Saskia welcomed me and made me feel welcome from the start. Her open and honest attitude made it easy for me to open up to her. In the reading she gave me insight into, among other things, why I had felt unsafe and heavy in certain places or, on the contrary, very light and happy. In addition, Saskia always made the connection to the Netherlands, and also the jet lag session she gave me afterwards contributed in a positive way to leaving behind the experiences of the recent past, and the arrival here, landing and be in the present moment.

Saskia had already indicated that I could notice physical or energetic changes in the days after the session. She was right: I felt my feet again! The session with Saskia helped me to think about coming back to the Netherlands and to keep a healthy distance from the events of the past two years. I got a better focus and was able to get started quickly and fresh.” – Janneke –

Energy Reading

“The reason or trigger for me to do this reading session was, that I am on a journey of discovery, especially when it comes to the inner me. What has happened in my past, how does that influence what I do now. I am always open to looking within and listening to how my higher self can help me in the days/weeks and months to come.

During the session I felt very relaxed. Like you I too sat with my eyes closed, my hands in my lap and my feet on the ground. I definitely felt more grounded. My hands were very warm and a sense of serenity was present. I didn’t have expectations. I went in with an open mind and wanted to be as neutral as possible, let you do your work.

So many things that you mentioned were relevant. Insights into certain feelings and situations. Confirmation that I am moving in the right direction and creativity is one aspect of my talents that I can certainly make more use of. I accept a lot more now that I am who I am and things are how they are. And that if I ask, it will be answered. I believe more and more in what I am able of.

I feel very safe with you! Your voice is very calming, as is your whole demeanor. You are a silent strength. You explained clearly what you saw and what you wanted from me.

I certainly recommend you to others. Especially those who want to look within for answers. Those who are on the same journey as myself. Learning to grow in spirituality and daring to let go in order to move forward.” Gill Rees

“A Reading session was something I was interested in discovering, and I met Saskia at This Woman’s work Utrecht, so I gladly booked a session with her. During the session, I felt excited and open to learn more about what the intuitive session would uncover. My feeling and mood shifted when you tapped into something I’d been wondering my whole life: Did my parents really want a boy? Once became clear in the energy what was behind that, I felt a weight lifted and a new awareness set in.

During the Reading I felt a few tingles in my heart. This is when I know I am receiving something of truth and love. When we talked about my twin soul brother, I felt love all around me and a warmth settled on my shoulders as if he was with me. Healing me. It was really strong when you said something about how he wants me to live my own life without guilt.

This reading did meet my expectations and more. I had no idea what to expect. But what you found out helped me in numerous ways that I am still learning about a few weeks later. It brought me peace and compassion for myself. I really feel guided, supported and loved.

Throughout the session, I felt your loving warm energy which made me feel safe. I was able to open up more with that. Especially when we talked about how I always thought my parents wanted a boy. You told me more of what I needed to know. It helped me understand more what I believe my soul has been searching for a long time. Clarity of my reason and purpose of being here. I was able to release guilt.

I would recommend your help to those who I believe are open to it.” Susan de Vriend

“A journey of discovery within myself, that is how I would describe the Reading, including interview and healing. Saskia is the ‘guide’ who has already viewed my energetic map in advance. That creates confidence and ensures that we quickly go into depth during the session.

Thanks to Saskia’s “map reading” surprising topics come up in our conversation, which makes me look at aspects of myself from a new perspective. Saskia closes the session with a healing, which makes me feel tidy and more balanced at the end.

The insights received are still doing their work long after. They do not form a concrete action plan, but help me find a new direction. If you are open to an unorthodox exploration of yourself that provides you with special insights, then I heartily recommend Saskia. She is a professional, down-to-earth and honest guide.” – Annemarie

“And what is a Reading? I found it mostly vague until now. But the description of Saskia immediately appealed to me: “What the heck happens on an energy level – beliefs, what do you hold on to and why, what is flowing, what is your theme in this life, talents, etc.”

I went to her this morning and I can heartily recommend her reading! Why? Because I can just tell her that I don’t like spiritually vague people and then she laughs very hard and makes some jokes about that. On top of that I found the session and insights very special.

After quite some while I listened to the recording of the reading. Wow, it’s stuffed with interesting information, actually. Things that said nothing to me back then, seem so obvious now. Once again, thank you very much!” – Annet Koenders

Workshop Soundful soulwriting journey

“I participated in a Soundful Soulwriting Journey from Saskia. With humor, lightness and in tune with the energy of the group, Saskia creates a wonderful, safe atmosphere where valuable insights can arise.

With the help of her instructions, for example, I made a drawing with words that pointed me in the right direction to embark on an emotional, difficult challenge that I experienced in my life. Still when I’m having a hard time, I grab the drawing and immediately feel lighter again. As if my future self is talking to me for a moment, my future self that already knows that everything will just be fine. Thank you so much Saskia!” – Marit van der Meulen

“Curious about intuitive writing, I signed up for the Soundful Soulwriting Journey. Uninhibited, I entered the session and still curious about what was to come.

Saskia guided the session as I know her, pleasantly and with the necessary humor. She let a range of sounds pass by to get closer to ourselves before we actually started writing. During the writing assignments I was able to express my feelings completely intuitively in images and text. This gave me great insights into where I am at the moment and I am happy with that. It was a nice (writing) experience, thank you Saskia!” – Mieke Boots

“What a wonderful evening. It felt like I had been in the sauna 🙂 lovely. What a healing!” – Dagmare van Willigenburg
“Although I found it quite exciting, I participated in the Soundful Soulwriting Journey. But … what a relaxing, inspiring evening! Saskia brings in a lot of humor and senses exactly what is needed. Completely relaxed and with lots of insights I went home! Such a fruitful evening. Thank you Saskia!” – Lot

E-book Reflect & Reclaim

“Saskia builds it up nicely: first reflect on the past period, gain your insights, reclaim your energy and your own path.

I sometimes found it quite confronting to look back at certain moments. Nevertheless, it was good to reflect on them and learn from the lessons that came my way.

All the exercises eventually led to a clear view, in image and words, of my business, intuitive goals. I now have an inspiring and beautiful start for a new phase. Really recommended!”
Nicole Klip

Intuition Coaching

“Being coached by Saskia is a particularly powerful and deeply personal experience. You literally travel to your deeper self. Saskia reveals step by step, in peace and with a lot of patience, how you are built energetically and how you can manage your energy system. You learn how you exchange fixed patterns and outdated beliefs for new ones that fit better with the present. And then you can let go of what no longer serves you.

You learn to distinguish what energy belongs to you and what does not, and how you get conditioned. You consciously decide how to deal with that; this way you stay closer to yourself. You view the world with new eyes and the decisions you make are rightfully your own decisions.”
Arjen van Dijkhuizen

“What amazing sessions I have experienced at Saskia. I had asked her if she wanted to help me get more clarity about my goal, my ideas and wishes with a certain business premises. Fascinating how Saskia works with what is presented. Absolutely different than I expected, but incredibly valuable.

The session helped me to see and sense in a wonderful way what my role is in the development of the business premises and what function the building may have. Saskia works intuitively and uses the right resources to bring out the knowledge and the knowledge that is in you. If you have issues where you want to get around your head and get to your own intuition, feeling and knowing, then you’ve come to the right place at Saskia.”
Sandra Korse,

“It was time to pay more attention to myself. I was running around and I did not feel completely happy. I knew I wasn’t in the right place in terms of work, but what did I want? A question that I have been around for a while. I also ran into things in my private life, where I could not fully put my finger on. I knew Saskia through a network club and I had also followed the workshop Soundful Soulwriting Journey with her, which made me hungry for more …

Our first follow-up conversation felt good right away. Very exciting, because I didn’t quite know what to expect, but this was more than good! The different sessions, which consisted of, among other things, a reading, healing, inner strength session and a constellation have given a lot of clarity. It helped me on my way again and gave insights! It was an exciting but great trip!” Simone