You and me


You and me

Where do you stand in your life and which direction are you moving in?

Where do you stand in your life and which direction are you moving in?
Attain a clear view of where you are, in which direction you are moving, what your obstacles are and where your talents lie. This can help you increase your awareness, discover your insights and create space for inner shifts.

Why, and when, would you wish to do this? Maybe if you recognise any of these points:

  • You experience a limiting factor in your life, work, house, body or relationship, and you have difficulty getting a grip on it.
  • You would like a check to provide you with a clear, wide and deep perspective on things and to feed your intuition.
  • You realise that you are reluctant to take the next step, but why?
  • You want to receive a more defined view of your talents and put them into context so that you can live life to the full.
  • You experience restlessness due to a situation which you find yourself in and you are searching for clarity regarding this.
  • The whole concept fascinates you and you would like to experience it for yourself.

Your soul adventure

There are diverse reasons for a session with me which help you to achieve more awareness in various areas of your life, body, environment or work. You can discover and transform your beliefs, which are sometimes well hidden, and how they influence your actions.

This awareness creates space for an inner shift, enabling you to make a step in the direction which your intuition is inspiring you towards.

How does a session work?

  • You choose your session from the options below. Feel free to discuss this with me if you can’t decide.
  • In all sessions, I intuitively tune into your energy and soul and communicate with this without judgement.
  • Depending on the chosen session and perspective, I describe where you are at this moment in your life and in which direction you are moving. The words I use are rich in imagery, often with a dose of down-to-earth humour.
  • I tune in with your knowing, your soul and always ask for permission, as of integrity reasons
  • See this experience as an invitation to find your own solutions and answers and to connect with your intuition.

Energy Healing

Let your energy system and body become your home, a place in which you can make room for your development. Let go of the stuff you no longer need and accept the qualities that support you. A healing balances your energy system and brings it more under your control.

Energy Reading

Receive insights in the bigger picture, in underlying beliefs and hidden agreements of what’s going on in your development, or within a house, job, organisation, team, relationship. And experience what is intuitively shifting.

Intuition Coaching

Experience in-depth what your natural track is about and how to keep an autonomous focus on it. Learn to connect with your inner wisdom, body signals, your strength, talents and intuition. Those will move you towards clear choices and a truthful vision within a dynamic society. In a natural way you will be able to vitalise your energy and stand for who you are.