Energy Reading


Energy Reading

Where do you stand in your life, which talents become more visible and where are you going?

How often do you ask yourself why is this happening to me, in our company or team, again? What’s the bigger picture? And what am I not seeing? An Energy Reading gives you the wide and in-depth insights without judgment.

The following reasons or themes are a great starting point for an Energy Reading:

  • There is stagnation in a certain part of your life, work, organisation, house, body, family or relationship. You don’t know why or how you can get it moving again.
  • You would simply like to receive a clear, wide and in-depth perspective on what’s going on (and on a theme such as described above).
  • You can’t get started on taking the next step which you’re longing for, but why.
  • A feeling of desire to develop your talents and apply them to create what you want.
  • Chaos in your head; so many activities and people in your life. Your focus is lost.
  • A longing for inner peace, space and clarity.
  • You read or heard about an Energy Reading and think ‘That could be something for me, our organisation or department!’.

Your core essence

With an Energy Reading you receive insights in an area of your life, body, environment and/or work/organisation, and of the underlying beliefs which influence your actions.

You will get the bigger picture about the connection between what is going on in the energy system, talents, obstacles and your next step. Increasing your awareness often leads to an inner shift, better focus and the creation of space for the next step in your development.

How does an Energy Reading work?

  • You order via BOOK A SESSION and you can pay via iDeal or Paypal. Or send me an email. Then we will make an appointment.
  • The session takes place face-to-face, via Skype/ or ‘remotely’. It lasts 45-90 minutes, depending on your choice. You’ll receive a recording afterwards via email.
  • I tune in intuitively to your energy and knowing and communicate with it from an enquiring, neutral position, without judgement.
  • In words, rich in imagery, sometimes with humour and depending on your possible theme or question, I unravel and describe where you are at this moment in your life and in which direction you are moving.
  • You do not have to do anything yourself. You can absorb the words and images whilst listening. You can ask questions during the session.
  • See this experience as an invitation to find the answers within yourself and in this way come into contact with your own intuition.

Would you like to experience an Energy Reading?

You can choose a central question or theme, or leave this open. The subject can be chosen from a diverse range of issues: a physical complaint, a pattern which is getting in your way, a work situation etc.

€53 for an Energy Reading Highlights, incl VAT and recording per email.
€95 for an extensive and more in-depth Energy Reading, incl VAT and recording per email.

Other possibilities

    – A different location than Utrecht; travel costs are €0.28 per kilometre.
    – More sessions per year (for you and/or your colleagues) with a frequent visitor card or subscription.
    – A clearly written version, for example if you have hearing impairments or you simply would like to read it on paper.

Please contact me to discuss your wishes.