Hands-on Healing


Hands-on Healing

Feel reborn after a Hands-on Healing

If you own your space, it means that you feel spacious, clear, collected, more grounded and calm. That you come home to yourself and your body. Maybe something you could use.

So, what is a reason to want to receive a Hands-on Healing?

  • You are ‘not quite there’.
  • Your attention is fragmented, not with yourself.
  • You don’t sleep well
  • You have stress or worry a lot.
  • You have physical pain or you are recovering from an operation or illness/disease.
  • You feel off balance or not grounded.
  • You have a jetlag or lived abroad for a while.
  • It just sounds relaxing (it is!) and you feel like it!

Integration body – spirit

A Hands-on Healing is a very refined, subtle form of Healing where you are invited to sink into your body for relaxation and well-being. You can feel reborn and complete.

Your body wisdom is addressed in connection with your spirit, so that you can release old patterns, beliefs and energy (from others) on a physical, energetic, mental and spiritual level. Qualities, talents get more space to flow.

How does a Hands-on Healing work?

  • If your press the button I WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A SESSION you can send an email to book a Hands-on Healing, and ask your questions. I will send you an invoice and we will make an appointment.
  • The Hands-on Healing takes about 45 minutes. You can address a theme or question, I will integrate in the Healing.
  • A Hands-on Healing takes place in silence. You will be on a massage table with your clothes on and your eyes closed. I will gently touch you.
  • I will tune into your energy and higher self.
  • At the end you will receive a short feedback.

Would you like to book a Hands-on Healing?

Price: 65 euro VAT included, location is in Utrecht.

About Saskia

“As a human being you are all energy, both in and around your body. Your energy has a unique frequency. Sometimes other frequencies or static information influences or gets in your energy and body for various reasons. During a Hands-on Healing this can be set in motion, let go of or transformed.

The effects can be very noticeable on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. That differs per person and moment. An enriching and integre process that invites you to take a seat in your own body and to collaborate with your energy.

When I first received a Hands-on healing, I felt reborn afterwards. As if I had taken off a jacket. Enough reason for me to learn it myself and let others reap the benefits of this.”
Saskia Baardman


“It felt like a massage!”


“I find it hard to connect with my pelvis and belly, but it suddenly became very active when you put your hand on it.”