What would be possible when you feel centered, that your attention is focused, your head feels clear or that you experience a feeling of space and clarity? You feel at home with yourself, in good company. Maybe something you long for.

People come for various reasons for a Healing:

  • You have a jetlag or the feeling you’re in between time zones and countries. You’re not truly landed in the place of destination.
  • You’re just not feeling well, maybe sick even and/or have physical pain.
  • You feel like you are ‘all over the place’.
  • You are going through a tough time, like a lawsuit, a period of deep grief, a divorce, a disease or recovery from a disease.
  • You don’t sleep well (and this makes you feel tired during the day…).
  • You feel restless and are worrying.
  • You have a heavy or sad feeling which you can’t fully place and is getting in your way.
  • You don’t feel fully in balance and grounded (steady).
  • You’re going to do an important presentation/interview or you are chairing a meeting and you want to (be able to) stay true to yourself an be at ease.

Your core essence

There are diverse good reasons for a Healing. A Healing provides space in your energy system (aura, chakras and also physical body) for your own energy and intuitive information and development. You let go of what you no longer need and you integrate the qualities which support you.

A Healing brings your energy system into balance. This is often a relaxing experience which helps you to feel grounded. Sometimes you notice a change in your emotions, physical and/or spiritual wellbeing.

How does a Healing work?

  • Via the button I WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A HEALING you send me an email with your request, and maybe a question. I will send you an invoice and we make an appointment.
  • This session takes place live in Utrecht, or online via Skype/Zoom.us. It can also take place without your physical presence (remotely).
  • The Healing takes 20 to 30 minutes. If you have a certain theme or question, I can tune in on it and integrate it in the Healing.
  • This session takes place in silence, during which you do not have to do anything. You’ll sit on a chair with your eyes closed (and clothes on), during which you can sit back and enjoy the attention for your energy.
  • You can also choose for a Hands-on Healing (30-45 minutes). You’ll be on a massage table with your clothes on and the healing takes place in tune with your soul and body wisdom; you’ll be gently touched.
  • I tune in to your energy, and communicate with your spirit or higher self in order to create space in your aura, body and/or chakra(s) for your own energy.
  • At the end you will receive a short feedback.

Would you like to experience an Energy Healing?

Price: €45 incl. VAT, location Utrecht, via Skype/Zoom.us or ‘remotely’.

Price Hands on Healing: €65 incl. VAT, location Utrecht.

About Saskia

As a human being you are all energy, both in and around your body. Your energy has a unique frequency. Sometimes other frequencies or static information influences or gets in your energy for various reasons. During a Healing this can be set in motion, let go of or transformed.

The effects can be very noticeable on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. That differs per person and moment. An enriching and integre process that invites you to take a seat in your own body and to collaborate with your energy.

I can, of course, recommend it to everyone, but definitely also read the experiences of others!”
Saskia Baardman


“I experienced an extraordinary Healing today. I could really relax …”
Birgit Kruys


“My energy wasn’t flowing very well and I had an exciting role to fulfill as a chairwoman. Saskia helped me very well, as despite an awkward moment on stage I could be totally at ease.”
Sandra Korse
“I felt whole, serene and reborn again after the Hands-on Healing. It is also a great experience to be touched in a completely neutral way without expectations.”