Horizon journey


I Opener Horizon – Own your path

How do you keep your path under your own control?

You know roughly, or maybe even pretty well, where your dot on the horizon is. Only the part seems misty between where you are now in your life and the direction in which you are moving.

You find it difficult to get a grip on it and ask yourself a few questions.

  • How you can get the mist to lift and see what you have to do, accept or let go of.
  • How you can involve your intuition regarding this in a better way.
  • Which added value or limiting role certain people have in this puzzle.
  • Which talents can be expressed in the best way possible.
  • What gives you energy and what drains your energy.
  • If there is a conviction with which you are holding yourself back.

I Openers

With the Own your path – Personal Journey you will come to I Openers which give you clarity about what is getting in your way, in the broadest sense of the word, and what you want to do about it, inspired by your intuition.

You will develop a clear view on taking control of your own path, so that you can choose your flight path to the beloved dot on the horizon. A special and intuitive process, in which the answers present themselves naturally.

What happens during an Own your path journey?

  • Via I REQUEST AN OBLIGATION-FREE TELEPHONE INTAKE you state when I can call you (takes about half an hour) and leave your details.
  • During the intake, we discuss the issues which you want to explore and I tell you if, and how, I can help you with this.
  • The session itself (one-on-one) takes place on location. Depending, amongst other things, on the question, one (morning/afternoon) session may be enough or more sessions may be required.
  • I tune into your energy and knowing, so that I can communicate with this and report the information back to you.
  • The exercises vary per person, for example sound relaxation, systematic/energetic exercises, inspiring questions, writing exercises and more.
  • Using intuitive exercises and information which I see in your energy, you will be able to find your own I Openers.
  • You intuitively choose your own flight path by which to fly to your own dot on the horizon.

Are you interested in making this journey?

Feel free to contact me, with no obligations, and we will discuss the possibilities. We will also talk about the costs in time and money.

About Saskia

“In daily life you find yourself on a playing board on which you can see your direct environment and a number of options. You can’t see what’s going on in the underlying levels for you and others and this often remains undiscussed as there is simply no awareness for it.

However, diverse energies are present; the game is larger than the playing board. I would like to help you to clarify and widen your perspective, so that you can see what is lying on your path and so that you are able to make your own clear choices.

I find it magical to see how rich the source of available energetic information is, without even having to do your best to find it. The exploration is a wonderful journey in itself, let alone if you suddenly discover what you have to do and/or let go of. So, I look forward to meeting you!”
Saskia Baardman

Ervaring deelnemer


“Wat een waanzinnige sessie heb ik bij Saskia meegemaakt. Ik had haar gevraagd of zij mij wilde helpen om meer helderheid te krijgen over mijn doel, mijn ideeën en wensen met een bepaald bedrijfspand. Fascinerend hoe Saskia te werk gaat en zich laat leiden door dat wat zich aandient. Absoluut anders dan ik had verwacht, maar ongelooflijk waardevol…
Sandra Korse, boxo.nl
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