Human Design


Human Design

Live your potential by aligning yourself with your blueprint

Human Design, your unique blueprint, shows how you are designed and the impact of it on others and yourself. Your Human Design is about your defined talents, sources of wisdom and also your “limitations”. The mantra “If I can do it, you can too” does not apply. This system, based on science and esotericism, offers insights and tools for following your inner authority and strategy for making important decisions.

When is a Human Design Consult a good fit?

  • You want to get to know yourself better to the core essence.
  • You are getting stuck in your body, mind, emotions, beliefs, work, relationships etc.
  • You are in a burn-out and have no idea how to get on track again.
  • You heard inspiring stories and experiences about Human Design.
  • The combination of science, esotericism; heart, ratio and body appeals to you.
  • You are looking for clear tools to follow your path.
  • You are looking for a natural way of decision-making and following your own authority.
  • As a starting point for a coaching program or a specific follow-up training or workshop.

Your blueprint

Human Design gives you a guide on who you are. Experience and find out for yourself how it works for and inside of you. Observe yourself – physically, emotionally, in terms of energy flow and thoughts. This blueprint shows you what is consistently present in your system and what isn’t. How to make the best decisions, in which areas you are receptive to conditioning, your emotional and mental processing and much more. You’ll discover yourself!

How does a Human Design consult work?

  • A consult takes about 2 hours.
  • As a preparation for a consult I’ll ask you for your date of birth, time and place. And you can ask some specific questions you would like to dive into during the session.
  • During the session I will share lots of information and ask you some reflecting questions.
  • I will record the session for your personal use only and I’ll send it to you afterwards together with a pdf of the slides with valuable information.
  • We can arrange the session via or ‘live’ in Utrecht.
  • Via the button below BOOK A HUMAN DESIGN CONSULT you can send me an email and we will arrange a date and time.

Do you want to book a Human Design Consult?

Price: € 120,- euro VAT included for private persons. VAT is excluded if you are an entrepreneur or if your employer will cover the costs.