Soul inspiration card


Soul Inspiration Card

A heartfelt gift with inspiring insights on a beautiful card

Sometimes your clarity seems far away, whilst you really need it most. We all, of course, have our unavoidable blind spots. Maybe you recognise one or more of these thoughts:
  • There are many lines at this moment in your life which seem like they are in an impossible tangle, causing chaos in your head.
  • You are considering a new step or you are in a new phase in your life and you are searching for a certain balance.
  • You somehow have the feeling that you are missing something which appears to be important.
  • You just thought ‘Hey, how interesting!’ and this seems to be a lovely present for yourself or someone else.

I Openers

You will receive a clear view of what is important at this moment in your development on your personal Soul Inspiration Card, so that you can widen your awareness of this. This can, for example, regard your power, talent, a next step, pattern and/or process of letting go.

In this way, the penny can drop and space can be created inside yourself, these are your I Openers. It often feels like a helping hand, but then from your own soul!

How can I order a Soul Inspiration Card?

  • You choose a card or ecard in the webshop and follow the order process.
  • You can ask a question in the comments or describe a possible theme in short.
  • By focusing on your first name and surname (maiden name), I tune in on your energy and ‘read’ wh.
  • I write a personal soul message for you.
  • The card is sent in a beautiful matte metallic orange, red or silver coloured envelope, so that you will receive a real gift.

So, this might be the time to treat yourself with this unique present with insights, inspiration and eye-openers. Every time you read it, you will notice something else. You can also order this card for someone else as a gift.

Yes, I would like to order a Soul Inspiration Card

Go to the webshop (external environment) and choose your Soul Inspiration Card of choice.
Price: €12.50, including VAT, card in envelope, postage, possible card with explanation and personal soul message. You can pay via iDeal or PayPal.

About Saskia

“Receiving compliments about how good you have performed a task or how fantastic your hair looks is great. Even more so, if you are seen beyond your appearance and results, at soul level.

Being seen in your natural strength and in the areas in which you are currently in development, is a great gift. A gift to keep when it is expressed on paper, which you can read and be inspired by again and again.

It is fantastic to be able to read your rich energy, describe it in clear words and return these to you. This will remind you of your own beautiful self, as this is the starting point for each new step which you take. Let yourself be surprised!

Are you organising a party, trade fair or event? You can also hire me to write short, powerful Soul Inspiration Cards on location for visitors. A personal helping hand and a unique experience. Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.”
Saskia Baardman


“It is amazing what Saskia magically wrote for me today…. It touched my heart, as it was so right!”
– Caroline
“Wow, Saskia! These words really speak to me. Beautifully with metaphors and life lessons. Thank you! I will cherish this. So happy with it. I will definitely order a card for my loved ones in the future!.”
– Anne
“Was really perplexed … Everything was right!” – Liliane