Sound Healing Massage


Sound Healing Massage

Return to your original state of being

Singing bowls and acoustic instruments, such as a gong, help solve blockages on a physical, emotional and energetic level during a sound healing massage with their subtle vibrations. As humans, we are made up of water and water automatically conducts the vibrations to the right place. You align your entire system.

Reasons for a Sound Healing Massage in Utrecht:

  • Your body is stiff, tensed or in pain.
  • You are restless and worrying a lot.
  • It is hard for you to stay contained.
  • You don’t sleep well.
  • You’re feeling off balance and you find it hard to relax.
  • You experience too many external stimuli.
  • You feel low in your energy.
  • A blockage on a physical, emotional or energy level prevents your energy from flowing.
  • No special reason, you’re just up for it!

Jouw essentie

A Sound Healing Massage allows you to connect with your essence, the core of who you are. The sounds help you to subtly let go of blockages. After the session you feel whole, deeply relaxed, reborn, peaceful and aligned. Healing takes place at different levels and up to cell level; you let go of what you no longer need. You’ll feel more grounded and experience a better connection with yourself, others and the world around you.

How does it work?

  • Via below button BOOK A SESSION you can send me an email to make an appointment and ask possible questions.
  • Before the session we’ll talk about your reason to book a Sound Healing Massage. Including a talk and tea before and after the session will take about 75 minutes.
  • During the Sound Healing Massage you’re lying with your clothes on on a mattress. I will put a number of singing bowls on your body with great care. I will also use other instruments.
  • If you are pregnant, I will adjust the Sound Healing Massage. Just let me know.
  • I advise against a Sound Healing Massage if you have a pacemaker, thrombosis, epilepsy or psychotic complaints. In case of doubt, please consult me.
  • For people with ADHD, autism, (mild) depression, hearing impairment or dementia, a Sound Healing Massage or Sound Relaxation is very suitable.

Would you like to book a Sound Healing Massage?

Price Sound Healing Massage Utrecht: 65 euro VAT included.

Having a Sound Healing Massage on a regular basis helps you becoming more confident and focussed in your daily life. And it has proven positive effects on your health.

About Saskia

“I bought my first singing bowl on holiday in Thailand. I was immediately in love! When I arrived home, I wanted to dive into this. So I followed training sessions to be able to give a sound relaxation, sound healing massage. The difference between before and after the session is remarkable every time. And it fits so well with everything else I do.

When I first participated in a sound relaxation, I had the feeling that I had been traveling. I also felt calmer, relaxed and more present. Enough reason to learn it myself via the Soundfulness organization and to let others experience the benefits. Of course I can recommend it to anyone.”
Saskia Baardman

Ervaring deelnemer

“During the Sound Healing Massage I sinked into my body and my worrying stopped. The sounds helped me resolve my stress points.”
Maaike Baudoin
“Saskia made me feel safe very quickly, so I could really relax. A timeless and spacious experience, traveling through the natural sounds of singing bowls and other extraordinary instruments. I felt the intense sound of the gong through my whole body. natuurlijke klanken van klankschalen en andere bijzondere instrumenten.”